Pricing Special for a Limited Time…

The cost of an order of The Texas Nails (48 nails per order) is now only  $ 9.99

And now we are tossing in free extra dozens nails for every order after the first. Buy 2 orders and get a free dozen, Buy 4 orders and get 3 dozen free. And with a purchase of 5 orders you get a full extra order (48) free.

  • a single order is 48 nails
  • a double order is 108 nails
  • triple orders you receive 168 nails
  • with four orders you receive 228

So the more orders you purchase the more free nails you receive. Please note that regardless of the number of nails you are buying, they will come in a single package.

We strive to ship the same or next day via USPS, to get your nails to you ASAP.