Nail Specs

Looks Good, but HARD HEADED

The Texas Nail is a one-inch aluminum nail, with the following dimensions:

  • One inch in length.
  • The shaft is 5/16ths of an inch (manufactured from 9-gauge wire).
  • The head is 3/8ths of an inch in diameter.

Overall very similar to a typical roofing nail.

The nail is aluminum so as to avoid rust or staining the wood as you often see with steel nails in the picture below…


The Texas Nail has been tested more than a few times and by some heavy hitters. The head holds the Texas shape and its visual prominence actually improves  because the Texas portion of the head is thicker than the background of the head. This causes the background to flatten to the wood more than the Texas which stands taller and brighter.

Even with a strong arm and a big hammer used for testing, both by in-house and a third-party, the results were flawless, as you can see from the images below…(it is up to you to get them on straight.)


IMG_0464    IMG_0453

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