About Us

The Texas Nail Company began operation in Dallas, in November of 2017. We started with a single purpose:  to provide Texans who like to build things with a new and unique way to show our pride in Texas.
The company has 2 patents pending for the Texas Nail
The Texas Nail has just recently come to market, however our sales have outrun our expectations faster than the Texas weather changes. After only 2-months of minimal advertising, we had to quickly place another order ten-times larger than the first. But everything in Texas is big,right?
We are based in Dallas, and all Texas Nails are manufactured exclusively  in the USA.
The concept of The Texas Nail came from Bill Kilgore, who spent many years as a high-tech / telecommunications executive.  He has come up with a few ideas for new products. Some of them for woodworkers like The Texas Nail.
When he is not providing nails across this great state, there is time for wood carving. Here are a few examples of his work: