The Texas Nail Company Begins Its Second Year Making News


THE TEXAS NAIL is a new product made for Texans who like Home-Improvement and Woodworking Projects, whether they are New or Old self-made creations.

We are proud to show you an article which has been written by a nationally distributed magazine. 

 The Hardware & Building Supply Dealer Magazine          

You can find it via the link below:

Click to read about The Texas Nail Company in HBS Dealer Magazine

And for a limited time, we are giving away an extra dozen Texas Nails free with each order (48 nails per order) after the first order.                   (That can add up to a bunch of free Texas Nails)



 The Texas Nail Co. is happy to bring you a unique way to show your pride in Texas

Now you will be able to finish that back-yard project with unique nails, which have our great state beautifully standing out on the head.

They have just come to market and you can be one of the first to have your home wood project enhanced by good ole Texas.

Click the box in the upper left to read about:

  • The Texas Nail Company
  • Nail Specifications
  • DIY Project Ideas
  • What Our Customers Say
  • A little about us
  • How to contact us

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